Early years learning in action The variety of music and drama themes, aims to promote linguistic, cognitive, emotional, creative and physical skills and fitness Activities for your little ones We've thought of some things your little ones can do. We'll be adding to this collection as we move forward. When you've finished your creation, send it to us and we'll put it in our gallery for all to see. Ensure the learning and laughter through song continues Our sessions are free of charge and funded by sponsors and donations from those taking part. Nobody is ever turned away.
Helping your child develop and learn through creativity.

Research says that singing and dancing with your baby or child are two of the best things you can do to help develop all areas of their brain! Songs, movement and musical games in childhood are brain exercises that help children learn speech patterns and motor skills such as walking, running, throwing and catching. Research also shows a brain scan of children singing nursery rhymes and joining in with counting songs would show sections of the brain literally glowing with activity.

The variety of music and drama themes, aims to promote linguistic, cognitive, emotional, creative and physical skills and fitness. In addition, each session places a high priority on the development of communication, language and literacy skills, elementary numeracy skills and knowledge and understanding of the world.

Valuable preschool learning

Find happiness through singing, dancing and rhyme

Promote a very important sense of well-being

Friendly support for parents and carers

Science has shown that the mere act of smiling can lift your mood, lower stress, boost your immune system and possibly prolong your life! We can’t ask for any more than that from one of our sessions!

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Happy People

Some reviews from our Facebook page. We love hearing about everyone's experiences of Singing Jo & Co.

Many will go and enjoy the session without recognising the underlying skills that are being taught and development that is being nurtured, but just enjoy the stimulation and fun that it brings

Mrs Anne Craine

Definitely recommend! it's one of our favourites!

Maria Winn

We love Singing Jo & Co 🎶 ! My daughter has gained so much confidence from this group. Definitely recommend!

Fay Gates

An absolutely wonderful experience for children and adults alike! Fun, Fun, Fun xxxx

Kerrie May Veronica Brand

I would highly recommend Singing Jo & Co to anyone with an Under 5. My preschool group attends every Friday afternoon and absolutely love it. Jo gets all the children involved and some have grown in confidence from these sessions already!

Kelly Louise

My little girl has come on leaps and bounds since coming to music group and it couldn't be ran by better people xx we love it xx

Joanne Crellin
From Facebook

Been attending singing jos since my boy was 4 months old. He is one now and absolutely loves it. Jo and Fran are amazing

Ally Quayle

Singing Jo and Co is fabulous!! As a Childminder, I take a range of ages of children from non-walking to preschooler and they all love it! So much fun and energy! It's also great for new parents to meet other grown ups! So pleased that we have this wonderful group!

Fiona Bullough

I initially attended singing Jo’s with a friend who has a toddler, my little boy was only 10 weeks old so didn’t think he would be fussed . I was wrong he absolutely loves it ! He was completely engrossed with all the action especially the bubbles

Joie Crellin